The Phoenix House – Rules of Conduct

The following is prohibited at all times:

  1. No inappropriate demands for physical contact, foul language, shouting, threats of violence or abuse, attempts to move child/children out of sight or hearing or monitor will be tolerated.
  2. Passing of correspondence or messages to the other parent (such as regarding legal matters) through child/children or monitor.
  3. Sharing of detailed court information or court documents, time sharing or session time variations. Visit discussions should focus on the present to avoid pressure and/or disappointment.
  4. Speaking negatively about the other parent, his or her family or designee in front of the child/children and/or questions about the other parent’s whereabouts or activities.
  5. Photographs taken within the facility are not to be shared on social media.
  6. Contact or confrontation between parents during exchange or parenting time session.

    Please Note:
  1. Monitor will only convey information between parents regarding child/children’s medical needs and/or parenting time and exchanges.
  2. Unless medically authorized or prohibited, dietary requests are not monitored or enforced.
  3. Custodial and visiting parents are required to meet the needs of the child/children during session, ie, bring diaper bag, baby food, changes of clothing, etc.
  4. Except for late cancellations and emergencies, calls to monitor should be made Monday through Friday between hours of 9:00 am and 4:30 pm.
  5. Monitor has emergency procedures and security measures in case of abduction.